Prepare to Vote 

How to find out what’s on your ballot: 

You can find out what is on your election ballot by visiting the State of Michigan’s Voter Information website at 

There will be a toolbar available to select your city or town for the ballot geared toward your registered locale.  

In Detroit, eligible voters will cast their votes for the following: 

  • Mayor 
  • City Council 
  • City Clerk 
  • Police Commission 
  • Community Advisory Council 

*Three proposals will also appear on the ballot 


How to find out your polling location: 

Residents living in the city of Detroit who need information about their polling place can visit 

Other Michigan residents can locate their precinct at 

Locating your polling place is possible by the search of your name, address, or license number. 


Hours for voting:  

All polling hours are from 7am – 8pm 

In the City of Detroit, all polling locations will be open for the General Election 


Who to contact if you feel you are being intimated while trying to vote: 

The previous 2020 Presidential election cycle brought a lot of chaos, scrutiny, and voting intimidation nationwide.  

If you feel you are being intimated at a polling location, you should immediately alert a poll worker. 

A voter can also contact the election protection hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE, a service of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, to initiate a formal complaint. 

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