Michigan Chronicle Senior Writer Position

The Michigan Chronicle is seeking an enthusiastic, experienced senior staff writer to join our editorial team.

As a staff writer, you will work closely with the Managing Editor and perform thorough research on various topics while having a keen eye for detail to deliver good quality content like news posts, reviews, and features.

• Perform research on different topics
• Analyze and interpret findings by breaking down data
• Uncover newsworthy stories
• Interview key people (witnesses, sources, etc.)
• Write content tailored to our core target audience.
• Ensure your pieces are accurate and objective
• Establish contacts and sources to use in future research
• Maintain notes in written or electronic form
• Contribute to content idea generation for publication
• Stay up-to-date with local, national, and international affairs.

• 5-7 years’ work experience as a staff writer or reporter in politics, government policy, business, current events.
• Demonstrable portfolio of published articles
• Computer proficiency (MS Office, digital editing, web search, and databases)
• Excellent writing skills in English
• Ability to follow strict deadlines and fact-check information
• Broad knowledge of headlines, hot topics, business, community, local and national issues

About The Michigan Chronicle:
The Michigan Chronicle is a news, information, and events company that covers the African American community’s interests.

In metropolitan Detroit, leaders, and readers look to the Michigan Chronicle to stay informed about issues that impact their lives. As the community’s voice for more than 80 years, we take great pride in having access to the grassroots community and connections and established relationships with influencers and opinion leaders.

To apply, email your resume and three writing samples to careers@michronicle.com.

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