Budweiser’s Brewed to the Music

For the first time in Budweiser’s beer-making history, it will be changing the way its beer is made, specifically for Detroit.

Recently, Budweiser launched limited-edition Detroit Music Tall Boy cans that include one new ingredient: the sounds of Detroit music legends, The Temptations and Alice Cooper.

During the brewing process for 500 select Detroit Music Tall Boy Cans, a mountain of speakers was set-up surrounding the tanks before bottling to ensure the sounds of Detroit were thoroughly infused into the beer. These extra-special, limited-run cans are labeled with R&B if they were brewed to the sound of The Temptations or Rock, if they were exposed to Alice Cooper during brewing; two hometown heroes. To signify the rarity of these cans, each of the 500 will be marked with the number out of 500, i.e. 21/500.


While only 500 will be infused with the sounds of Detroit, all Budweiser Detroit Music Tall Boy cans commemorate the iconic motor city music in unique ways.

  • Each can includes the Detroit skyline and is inscribed with “Detroit, Motor City Music,” honoring both the city’s musical history and its ties to the auto industry
  • The traditional Budweiser creed has been replaced with sound waves signifying the sounds of Detroit
  • Where one would typically find the Anheuser-Busch seal, Detroiters will see an artists rendition of a record and headphones
  • “Cheers to hitsville,” “R&B Sound” and “313,” Detroit’s area code will also adorn the cans

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