Anika Noni Rose Talks Black Women, Stigma As Host Of ‘Being Seen’ Podcast

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Actress-singer Anika Noni Rose is taking on a new role as the host of season three of the Being Seen podcast.

The Tony-award winning actress is tackling the stigmas Black women face in her hosting duties. According to Variety, she’ll be focusing on the entertainment industry’s need make stigma-reducing narratives of Black women a priority.

“Black women and femmes in America have the experience of living under the oppression of both sexism and racism,” the actress-activist said in a statement.

“This has impacted us in so many ways, including our health, our safety, our access to power, our relationship to desire and more. We see this play our in Black maternal health disparities, violence against Black trans women and the unacceptable ways in which Black women bear the burden of HIV.”

The third season of Being Seen will feature guests including Taraji P. Henson, Ledisi, Roxane Gay, and Dominique Jackson.

Rose added that the media and entertainment have the power “to drive change –– the people who create the stories, the way they are constructed and who gets to tell them can make a life or death difference. That is what we are talking about on this season of ‘Being Seen’ and that’s what we need to change.”

Being Seen is set to premier October 26 and is available at iHeartRadio.

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