Training Facility Created to Train Dual Enrollment Students, New Recruits for Detroit PD   

A new dual enrollment partnership between Wayne County Community College District and the Detroit Police Department will create three new routes for high school students to jumpstart a career in law enforcement, and to achieve a range of advanced degrees and certificates. The program and a new training center were announced today, Wednesday, October 13, by Detroit Police Chief James E. White and WCCCD Chancellor Dr. Curtis L. Ivery.  

High school students enrolled in the program will train from a new, state-of-the-art center, located at WCCCD’s Northwest Campus. The 67,000 square feet facility will feature:      

  • Specialized computer lab with state-of-the-art equipment utilized by the DPD 
  • Cadet Research Library for study time and class assignments  
  • Indoor Weapons Training Range to allow for qualification and certification requirements 
  • Criminal Situation Rooms for the complete engagement of police tactics and strategies 
  • Real-Time Simulation Rooms, which provide an atmosphere for cadets to train reflex responses to daily police protocols 
  • Physical fitness & weight training areas that will allow for peak performance and health goals 


“We are excited to partner with the Detroit Police Department on dual enrollment programs that help our students advance their opportunities in a career in service to their community,” Chancellor Ivery said. “Our mission has always been to provide pathways to better lives through higher education. These new programs fit well in that wheelhouse and will help our students grow in a career that also helps their communities thrive.” 


“My hope is that Detroit area high school students will take advantage of this opportunity. I’m a firm believer that education is the great equalizer,” Chief White said. “Today, we begin to level the playing field for young people in our community who want to make a difference, especially for Detroiters. This also enhances the readiness of the next generation of law enforcement personnel who will eventually serve and protect the citizens of Detroit. 


The three pathways the program opens for dual enrollment students include:

  • Pathway 1:
    High school freshman begin as dual enrolled students at WCCCD. If the student completes all four years, they will graduate with a high school diploma and an associate’s degree.
  • Pathway 2:
    High school sophomores or juniors are allowed to begin the dual enrollment program at WCCCD to earn a certificate in Criminal Justice: Public and Private Security. 


  • Pathway 3:
    This pathway allows enrolled students to participate in DPD’s Police Academy service hours without being fully enrolled in the policing curriculum. 


All enrolled students can participate in the DPD Summer Internship Program, a seven-week immersive program that allows students to learn directly from officers, and gain experience from workshops, training courses, and more. 

For more information about the new dual enrollment programs, call 313-496-2600 or visit the WCCCD website at 



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