Today, Stellantis announced the addition of Ignition Media Group to the company’s media and marketing agency roster. Ignition Media Group, through its Soundcheck practice, will serve as a sounding board and multicultural thought partner to assist in shaping and fortifying Stellantis’ media and marketing strategies across the company’s robust multi-brand portfolio. Ignition Media Group is based in Detroit, Michigan.

“The addition of Ignition Media Group to our strategic marketing partner roster will help us provide a smarter, more comprehensive and cohesive approach to our media and marketing strategies, providing us with more candid assessments to consumer-facing work overall,” said Marissa Hunter, vice president of marketing, Stellantis North America. “Through this newly formed alliance with Ignition Media Group, our commitment to minority-owned economic empowerment also continues to evolve and take shape, ensuring that we are both audience aware and culturally inclusive across our multi-brand portfolio.”

“We are ecstatic to be working with Stellantis and to join them on their path toward ensuring their marketing messaging is representative of their current and desired consumer base,” said Dennis Archer, Jr., CEO of Ignition Media Group. “The Stellantis leadership is adamant about making certain talent attraction, marketing and advertising creative, and philanthropic strategies are reflective of an evolving domestic and global marketplace. The makeup of our team, to include advertising, consulting and philanthropic professionals, aligns well with their goals, and we look forward to working with them and alongside their agency and other external partners.”

“As we continue to strengthen our corporate diversity, inclusion and engagement strategies, our newly formed partnership with Ignition Media Group will help play a significant role in these efforts,” said Lottie Holland, director – diversity, inclusion, engagement and EEO compliance, Stellantis North America. “Our commitment to creating a diverse network of partners across all facets of our business, representing our workforce, our customers and our community, is a critical building block in shaping our collective future.”

Ignition Media Group will focus on the Stellantis’ North America brands, including Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep and Ram.