Well Tressed Launches Twist & Tie Microfiber Hair Towel 

Protecting textured hair is a must, especially in the natural hair community.

Well Tressed, a hair tools and accessories brand designed to promote healthy hair care for textured hair, recently launched a product, Twist & Tie microfiber hair towel, that does just that.

The Twist & Tie towel is absorbent and designed to protect hair from the impact of friction during the drying process, providing textured hair with a fast and easy drying experience – designed to reduce dry time, hair damage, breakage, and frizz, according to a press release. 

Well Tressed is a hair tool and accessories brand designed to delight textured hair. Products ease drying and styling while protecting hair health. 

Understanding the needs and concerns of the textured-hair customer, the towel’s drying properties, large size, and functionality are specifically tailored to perform well on textured hair. Gentler on wet hair than cotton towels, the Well Tressed microfiber towel absorbs water quickly whether the customer uses the twist & tie method, or pats the hair dry. The Twist & Tie towel is made for delicate, textured hair, no matter whether it is worn curly, coily, straight, afro, locs or in braids.

“After hours spent in the frustrating task of trying to find the right tools and accessories for my own textured hair, I decided to take the trial and error out of the drying process. I created a brand that will protect hair and promote hair health,” said Nickie Cole, founder of Well Tressed. “Textured hair, while beautiful, can feel quite complicated. We provide tools and accessories to help eliminate hair care barriers and make day-to-day hair care a little easier.” 

It retails at the price point of $25, the Twist & Tie towel is 21 x 40 inches, made of 100% microfiber and is fade resistant and machine washable. It is available for purchase now, exclusively on the Well Tressed websitewww.welltressed.com

Find more information on Instagram @getwelltressed and Facebook @WellTressed. 


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