Merck Requests FDA to Approve Anti-COVID-19 Medicine

Drugmaker company Merck & Co. has a new antiviral medication that they hope could be the latest answer to combat COVID-19, AP News reported.
The company developed an experimental pill for people dealing with the COVID-19 virus to reduce hospital visits and even death, according to the AP article.
Merck recently requested from U.S. regulators Monday to authorize its pill to treat COVID-19, and if it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration — which could happen in a few weeks — it would be the only pill proven to treat the illness, according to the article. Currently, FDA-backed treatments used to fight off COVID-19 are taken via an IV or injection.

The FDA will closely review the drug company data on the safe results of the drug, molnupiravir, before making a decision.

“The value here is that it’s a pill so you don’t have to deal with the infusion centers and all the factors around that,” said Dr. Nicholas Kartsonis, a senior vice president with Merck’s infectious disease unit in the article. “I think it’s a very powerful tool to add to the toolbox.”

About 68 million eligible Americans are unvaccinated, and heath authorities are believing a potential surge could crop up again as more people remain indoors this fall and winter season.

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