Nikolai Vitti, DPSCD superintendent.


The Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) decided to cancel classes on Wednesday after a Tuesday night fight at East English Village Preparatory Academy, WDIV reported.

“We talked to the faculty after school today. We’re not going to have school tomorrow (Wednesday) in order to make tensions ease a bit and we’ll have students and faculty back on Thursday,” DPSCD superintendent Nikolai Vitti said in the article.

Vitti spoke of the multiple incidences that broke out on Tuesday during a school board meeting.

“During the lunch, we had a food fight that led to multiple fights in the building,” said Vitti according to the article.

That brawl was captured and recorded from inside the lunchroom and later posted on social media. The video showed a person throwing a chair and hitting a Detroit police officer, according to the article.

“No students fortunately were injured. There was one adult that we learned later, who was the college transition advisor, who broke his arm trying to break up the fight,” Vitti said during the meeting.

“There were 10 arrests and it was determined that the fight was linked to gang activity. What happened today is unacceptable and with the right systems and structures put in place, the extra support, the extra monitoring, and problem solving, this will stop,” Vitti said.

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