Noname Officially Opens The Radical Hood Library In Los Angeles

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After months of planning and construction, Noname has officially opened the doors to her Radical Hood Library in Los Angeles. On Saturday, the “Yesterday” singer’s prestigious book club opened a headquarters for her popular club, which she launched in 2019. The Noname Book Club’s Twitter account released a statement saying:

“We are so excited to finally open our Radical Hood Library! This is a black led organization that was created to service black/brown folks and the RSVP prioritization will reflect that. There will be music, free food, and more!

The premise of the Chicago-bred emcee’s book club is to feature two books a month, create a space for community and spark conversation surrounding them. Each month the club highlights “progressive work from writers of color and writers within the LGBTQ community,” as well as promotes a network of local and independent bookstores that are carrying the selected works. According to Noname, “The library includes books from a wide array of categories. The readings are organized by prison writings, the global Black resistance, imperialism, revolution, a section for kids called the ‘young homies’ books, and more.”

The rapper also shared some of her favorites books from the club, including ‘**** The Police’ and the ‘Black Capitalism Won’t Save Us’, tweeting:

“More sections will be added as we grow. This is just the beginning.”

The site adds:

“In addition to building community with folks across the country we also send our monthly book picks to incarcerated comrades through our Prison Program.”

Check out more information on the Noname Book Club and it’s selections here.

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