Fall Into Fitness with Jay Mack 

Fitness guru Jay Mack gets candid. 


The Fall season signifies a time for change. As the leaves of the summer shift colors and float to the ground, the cooler weather also ushers in a desire to be fit. One local physical trainer is looking to get Detroiters up and active.  Shedding excess weight and stress, the Fall into Fitness Warrior Transformation Series 2021 is gearing up for the last leg of the year.  


African Americans suffer from a number of food-related ailments and obesity. The Fall into Fitness Warrior Transformation Series 2021 is a 90-day guided nutrition program designed to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.  


“I’m calling it a transformation program because I’m not promising weight loss or weight gain. We’re going to transform, not only physically, but mentally and nutritionally as well,” says Jay Mack, the founder of the program.  


Proper eating habits are key in maintaining a personal goal weight. The program will consist of a nutrition plan to help participants reach their meal goals. The five-day eating regime allows for two days that serve as ‘treat days.’ While this may seem to go against nutrition goals, the program follows an 80/20 ratio.  


“If you follow our program five days a week, you will have those two pleaser days. They are not cheat days because you’ve over-road cheating. If you eat clean five days, you can have your glass of wine or go to that birthday party and have that slice of cake. It’s the 80/20 rule. You did good 80 percent, so you can treat yourself the other 20 percent,” says Mack.  


With more than seven years of experience, Detroit native Jay Mack became serious about health, nutrition and wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle. Originally working out on a personal mission of health, the fitness guru set his sights on a friend who was also looking to lead a healthier life. Helping his friend to lose 70 pounds, Mack soon began assisting others on their road to fitness.  


“He was just shadowing me. It took him eight months to lose 70 pounds,” says Mack. “With this program, we set realistic goals. We don’t set goals that are unachievable. When we don’t reach our goals, we can get discouraged.” 


Founding A New You Fitness Camp, Jay Mack has assisted dozens of clients in hitting their targets. A certified personal trainer, nutritionist, exercise therapist and strength and conditioning coach, Mack believes everyone has an opportunity to reinvent themselves.  


“Every waking moment, we have a chance to change something that we don’t like about ourselves or we want that moment to be the best that it can be,” says Mack.  


While the program does not guarantee success, consistency and dedication are a part of the recipe that equals results.  


“If you stick to the program, within 14 to 21 days you will start seeing your body morph into what you want it to be,” says Mack.  


Aside from reaching weight goals, proper nutrition also aids the body in its natural defenses. As Black communities are facing disproportionate effects of the pandemic, fueling the body can help fight against viruses.  


“My overall purpose is that, dealing with this pandemic, you need to get healthy. A vaccine will help us, but you, we, have the power to control our immune system. We have the power to eat properly so our bodies can form those natural defenses to fight off or combat any viruses that come our way,” says Mack. 


The Fall into Fitness Warrior Transformation Series 2021 is set to begin September 22 and will last through December 21. The cost for the program is $105 and includes two 30-minute fitness classes per week. Workouts will vary, but will include HIIT, Bootcamp, TABATA, Strength Class, Core Conditioning and Butts and Guts. There will also be a five-day eating program, two customized written exercise programs each week designed for each participant and their goals. Individuals will also participate in a weekly check-in and weigh-in.  

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