Detroit City Councilman André Spivey Leaves Position After Guilty Plea

Former Detroit City Councilman André Spivey resigned from the Detroit City Council on Wednesday just after pleading guilty to accepting bribes the day prior from a contractor, according to a Detroit News article.

Spivey, 47, is the second councilman to be convicted of a felony in 2021 alone during an FBI probe, according to the story.

Former City Councilman Gabe Leland also faced his own legal issues. In June he pled guilty to misconduct while serving on the Detroit City Council, which he resigned from in May.

He resigned via a letter sent to City Council President Brenda Jones on Wednesday morning, which read, “It has been a pleasure to serve” the city for nearly 12 years,” according to the article, and that Spivey is also “praying for an even brighter future for Detroit.”

The Detroit News obtained the letter, that neglected to detail the bribery portion, focused on his role “working to move our city past bankruptcy into financial solvency.” The resignation begins immediately.

U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts will sentence Spivey on Jan. 19 and, according to the article, advisory sentencing guidelines result in 37-46 months in federal prison.

Spivey and a staff worker (who is unnamed) reportedly took over $35,000 in bribery payments, federal prosecutors say in released court documents.

According to a published article, the financial compensation was part of a reported bribery conspiracy from 2016-2020 to sway city business, prosecutors said.

Federal prosecutors charged Spivey with one count of conspiracy to commit bribery.

Spivey, who was elected in November 2009, represented the 4th District on the city’s far-east side. The Detroit native is a Cass Tech grad.

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