Fall in Line (For Real) This Season  

“In two weeks, you’ll feel it. In four weeks, you’ll see It — in eight weeks, you’ll hear it.”  

You’ve probably heard that quote time and time again about the road toward being more fit and losing weight.  

It’s for good reason – it’s a good reminder, and motivation, to keep going even if it’s your millionth time restarting your fitness journey on that upcoming Monday. Now, if the summer pounds have not come off as easily as you’d hoped – there is still time, especially during the Fall to get yourself in line and right back on track toward looking snatched and healthy.  

When it comes to getting more fit, among other aspects of self-care, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) says no matter the season it can be done. Yet, since Fall is upon us, think in terms of doing so now.  

Fall is an exciting time where the leaves are changing colors, deadweight is falling off, a crisp wind of change is in the air – not to mention the anticipation of holiday gatherings and fall-filled activities and festivals. Hayrides, apple cider and cinnamon donuts anyone?  

The Fall, while fun and symbolic of change, is also a season that can bring about worries and stress, according to IIN.   

“It’s a season of new beginnings, which can be exciting but can also provoke feelings of anxiety and stress. It’s important to stay grounded during times of change and find stability in familiar rituals and calming activities,” according to the article.  

From feeling stressed about relationships, home or work life, back to school activities, and more – it can feel like one is being pulled in a million directions on top of the daily life stressors.  

How does one stay calm through it all? The IIN suggests a few steps to boost one’s mood and prioritize their health this season:  

  1. Clean up the House and Home Office. 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that working from home is not always a breeze with distractions (pets, children, even spouses) that can wreak havoc on our focus and ability to get the work done. But that’s no excuse to just have a messy desk and unorganized materials strewn around. Wherever you stake your territory as the home office (be it a spare bedroom, the basement, or even at the kitchen table) keep it neat because the IIN noted that a clean and orderly work area can bring a boost to your routine, productivity, and even give you a better mood.  

The article suggests spending a weekend afternoon putting things together to help remove some of the stressors that come with living in a busy, overflowing space.  

From cleaning out desk drawers to buying organizers for those excess papers – get to work so the upcoming work week won’t be a drag.  

Also, consider rearranging the furniture or purchasing a new piece of décor to breathe new life into that space. Redecorating can do that too without burdening your pockets.  

  1. Breathe Fall In 

What better way to enjoy the fall season than by taking the fresh air in with a visit to an apple orchard or to a cider mill? Or walking around the city watching the leaves change colors? IIN talks about the importance of using the elements of nature to boost your mood, connect with nature, and promote a better mindset. Make a relaxing weekend trip to a local orchard with family and friends and don’t forget to let your inner kid out while jumping in the pile of leaves. Donut, anyone? 

  1. 3. Bring the Season into the Home 

This cool season is the perfect time to bring the smells of fall inside the home like lavender or jasmine to soothe the soul and still the mind, according to IIN. These smells, and others connected to fall, can bring on a sense of relaxation and comfort. Think of how you feel when you smell cinnamon spice, baked apples, rose, and even chamomile. Recreate those moments and new memories by bringing in pleasant, non-toxic smells into the home or safely create your own smells with essential oils and more. Find your favorite recipes online. 

Someone once said, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”  

Indeed, let your life start over this time, this season for the best version of yourself. 


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