President Biden’s Plan to Combat COVID-19 Includes Sweeping New Mandates

Deciding whether to mandate vaccines for employers — with over 100 employees — is no longer a question that is up in the air.

Now, U.S. businesses on the larger side are well within their rights, per a new federal policy, that is mandating COVID-19 vaccines, President Joe Biden recently announced.

Biden announced these new orders on Thursday that will mandate employers with over 100 workers to mandate the vaccines or offer weekly testing, WDIV reported. The rules could impact around 100 million Americans — it’s not certain how many individuals are presently unvaccinated, according to the article.

According to Biden’s order, the millions of individuals who are employed in the executive branch and contractors who work with the federal government won’t be able to opt out of the vaccine –instead they have to take the vaccine, according to the article.

General Motors said in the article that the company supports vaccines.

“We are strongly encouraging our employees to get vaccinated given the broad availability of safe and highly efficacious vaccines, which data consistently show is the best way to protect yourself and those around you,” the automaker said in the article.

Nearly 60 percent of remote workers are pro-vaccine mandates at their jobs; about one-quarter of workers (both in-person and remote) oppose it.

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