Numerous protesters picketed the university on Thursday morning as school officials told the news station outlet that some classes are still taking place, and several teachers would possibly come and cross the picket line to teach.

The article added that a virtual mediation session took place to attempt to get a resolution with the faculty without having to go to court.

Teachers and professors, according to the article, OK’ed having to hold off a year on their contract because of COVID, however, when the renegotiation process began, the faculty believe that OU did not work with them “in good faith.”

“We want what we think is fair,” said Karen Miller, with the American Association of University Professors in the article. “We have discussed this extensively with our members. We’ve sent out surveys. Our members are very concerned about their financial livelihoods and they are concerned about the future of the university. If faculty livelihoods are impinged, that does not bode well for the future of the university.”

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