Local Bill Could Stop MI Employers From Making Workers Take COVID-19 Vaccine

A new bill, if approved, could prevent Michigan employers from mandating their employees from taking the COVID-19 vaccine, FOX 2 reported. The bill, according to the article, would also remove mask mandates for unvaccinated employees.

House Bil 4471 would, “Prohibit employers from discriminating against an individual because the individual has not received or declines to receive certain vaccinations; to prohibit retaliation; and to provide remedies,” according to https://www.legislature.mi.gov/.

The bill was introduced by Reps. Allor, Eisen, Rendon, Borton, Markkanen, Slagh, Maddock, Bezotte, Reilly, Yaroch, Outman, Carra, Damoose, Bellino, Lightner, Griffin and Whitsett and referred to the Committee on Commerce and Tourism.

State Rep. Sue Allor said in the article that she doesn’t believe that unvaccinated employees should have to mask up.

“To look at an individual and say, ‘You don’t have the vaccine and put the mask on,’ that is more or less putting a scarlet letter on them, and that with this bill is saying they can’t do,” Allor said in the story.

“They definitely should not lose their job. In many instances they’ve gone to school for years to achieve a certain degree, a certain level of knowledge to perform a job that they love,” she told FOX 2.

The bill is still to be voted out of committee, according to the story, which adds that while Gov. Gretchen Whitmer promotes the efficacy of vaccines (to combat the virus), she did not mention if she would veto the bill.

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