According to the article, the car exploded and caught on fire — thankfully some individuals intervened and helped get her to safety.

“I received a phone call, probably about 4:30 a.m. that my daughter was in a major car accident,” said Michael Hunter.

Hunter said in the article that the incident was June 12 on I-94 eastbound near Merriman Road in Romulus. When he learned that his daughter “might not make it” he was gravely concerned about hs 2-year-old daughter.

“I rushed down to the hospital probably about 5 (a.m.), and she was responsive, she was in a neck brace, with two broken legs,” he said in the article. “They said the car had exploded. Trooper Cheese, and I believe it was like five other Good Samaritans, I want to thank them for being the first on the scene to come to my baby’s rescue. They are truly God sent.”

“I’d like to say Thank You. We love you, God love you. We love you. We appreciate you for everything,” said Hunter in the article, adding that he hopes they reveal themselves so he can thank them in person.

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