Lizzo’s larger-than-life personality is not immune to hurts and disappointments.

Despite her confidence and out-of-this-world vocals, she has had to up her boundaries and is doing it takes grace and space, ESSENCE Magazine.

The Grammy-winning musician, who advocates for body confidence, recently partnered with Dove’s Self-Esteem Project with the “My Hair, My CROWN” toolkit launch.

The new, free educational tool for group and classroom gatherings focuses on the unique experiences of the Black community as it relates to hair. The “My Hair, My CROWN” toolkit plans to promote the self-esteem of confidence of Black boys and girls with “coils, curls, waves and protective styles,” according to the article.

“I felt like this was just perfect. It was very auspicious that they reached out while I was on my hair love journey,” Lizzo says of her partnership with the beauty brand according to the article. “And this tool is not just helping others, but it’s [also] helping me.”

She also talked about the importance of setting boundaries because not everyone’s intentions are pure.

“So I do kind of have to straddle that line a lot of times, and it can be difficult,” she said. “But then I realize not everything I need to share with everyone. If it can be perceived as harmful, then maybe people don’t need to know. If it’s going to do more harm than help, then I’ll just keep it to myself.”

Lizzo added that society puts “so much pressure” on Black women, to always save the day and always “yes,” and always carry everything on our shoulders, according to the article.

“And the fact that these young Black women are standing up for themselves and putting boundaries out there is when I say inspiration with a capital I? My therapist just talked to me, I’m talking two weeks ago, about putting boundaries down,” she added in the story. “And I used to be very resentful of people who would make boundaries with me because turns out, I didn’t know how to make boundaries. I was, “Yes, yes. I’ll do it. Yes, I’ll do it.” Because as a Black woman, it’s always like, “I got to save the day. I got to take care of everyone.”

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