Why Some Women are Choosing to Free Bleed During their Periods

Ladies, would you try free-bleeding?
Free-bleeding is being on one’s period without tampons, pads, or other blood-collecting items and allowing oneself to freely bleed, according to ESSENCE Magazine.
According to the article, the growing trend has some on their period letting their blood flow freely at home or in public. Some women opt to wear dark clothing or sit/lay on towels to collect the blood. There are also period panties, which collect the blood flow –another term of free bleeding. Another aspect to free-bleeding is leaving the shame behind of being on a period.

Many women, according to the article, including Black women, are opting for free-bleeding instead of tampons, pads, cups and the like. Other reasons some choose to free-bleed is to show that period poverty exists — not being able to afford period products.

Dr. Charis Chambers, board certified OB/GYN also known as The Period Doctor, told ESSENCE that free-bleeding, and the controversial attention it’s gotten, has also put the spotlight on period apology culture — women apologizing for being on their period.

“I love it because we’re kind of challenging the status quo, we’re changing the narrative, which is something that I 100 percent welcome,” she tells ESSENCE.

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