A New Sound for Midtown: Black, Woman-Owned Audio Engineers of Detroit Comes to City  

Audio Engineers of Detroit Owners Robin Kinnie, second from right, and Mike Kinnie, far right, celebrate the grand opening of their new as Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, far left, and recording studio, second from left, student celebrate alongside.   

Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton / Digital Depictions for Audio Engineers of Detroit



They are the new sound of Midtown – and they’re already hitting the high notes.

Audio Engineers of Detroit (AED) hosted its grand opening at its new facility on Tuesday, June 29, in midtown Detroit inside the Hannan Center at 4750 Woodward Ave. This state-of-the-art recording studio and Motor City Match winner, will offer a broad array of audio recording services including commercial voice-over, podcast recording, music recording, stereo mixing, 5.1 mixing, Dolby Atmos mixing, audio restoration, location sound and audio-visual services.

Owners of the studio Mike and Robin Kinnie were all smiles as they shared their story before a crowd with their new studio behind them.

“We want to put the music back in Motown at the same time we see it as a way to bring the community together. Music heals,” said Mike Kinnie, co-founder and vice president. “There are other music studios in town, but we don’t believe there are any others that offer the quality of sound equipment to support professional music and film production at rates people can afford.”

AED is woman-owned and operated by Robin and Mike Kinnie, the couple behind Southfield’s Motor City Woman Studios.


The studio also offers advanced audio recording programs designed to equip students for their first step toward a professional audio recording engineering and music production career.

From custom-made sound panels and a U.K.-manufactured audio console — the recording studio is more than ready to record and make music – and then some – for curious students ready to learn how it’s done.

“What we’re really proud of is a variety of projects that can be produced here,” Robin told the Michigan Chronicle during a studio tour. “Everything from music of course; music production, audiobooks, podcasts. We’ve already done some projects for film. So, when they have to do the score for film – it’s a variety.”

Robin added that what really sets the studio apart is that there will also be classes.

“People who want to learn music production and audio engineering can take advantage of this state-of-the-art studio and learn in it,” she said, adding that there are classes starting this month.



Mike said that the classes come with equipment ranging from a laptop to a microphone.

“It comes with your own little personal studio,” Mike said, adding that students will work with it during the program and take it with them once the program is completed. “That is really nice for the students to be able to learn on equipment and be able to take it with them, and they can go anywhere and record.”

Robin added that the Midtown location is a nice touch and she’s proud of the city’s rich, historic music roots that she and her husband are gladly adding to.

“We’re really proud of the location and to continue on in the legacy of the creation of sound in the city of Detroit,” Robin said. “As native Detroiters, we understand creativity is in our blood and we are excited to give people the tools where they can create projects rights here within the city limits and continue on with that Motown legacy.”

The nine-month-long, two-day-a-week classes start this August and are open to the public.

For more information visit https://aedetroit.com.



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