Meet Chronicle Intern Lawrence Price, III: Leader, Storyteller Extraordinaire

By: Nayanna Hollins


Lawrence Price, III is not your average student.

From a young age, he established himself as a leader in his community. During his time at U of D Jesuit High School, he simultaneously held eight different leadership positions in clubs and extracurricular activities. Price explained that even though high school was stressful sometimes, he loved being a part of the brotherhood at U of D.

He served on his school’s academic integrity committee during his freshman year, called games with the sports broadcasting club, and wrote for the school newspaper. He also played competitive baseball throughout high school.

Price told the Chronicle:

“Through my childhood, I would say my life was just school,  family, and sports, I played baseball since I was three years old and I was actually committed to play baseball at Albion College.”

It was through his honors classes and his school newspaper that Price discovered his affinity for writing. Since he loves sports, writing articles about school games came easily to him. His commitment to Albion soon changed when he found out he was accepted to one of the top undergraduate journalism programs in the country at Northwestern University.

He told the Chronicle that attending Northwestern has always been his dream school because their journalism program really stuck out to him.

“I felt like if I could get into their journalism program—I kind of looked at it as like you’re really just set. You’ve still got to put in the work, but you’re going into a really good program that can get you where you want to go… I didn’t think I would get in but I did,” he said.

Nowadays Price describes his writing style as, “creative, colorful, and straight to the point.”

He focuses on writing dynamic stories that grab the readers’ attention and keep them engaged. In addition to reporting on athletics, Price also enjoys writing about generational differences, trends, and current events. He also loves writing stories about things that impact the Black community, and feels that working for a historically Black newspaper like the Michigan Chronicle, has given him a chance to connect with Black readers on a deeper, more meaningful level.

“I feel like the Black community is consistently misrepresented in (various) publications,” He told us. “This publication really gives us the opportunity to really dive into that, especially Metro-Detroit where there’s a large [African American] population. We can make the readers feel connected to us knowing that we’ve gone through similar experiences or have similar thoughts on things to them… It gives us a great opportunity to just be able to express ourselves and connect with our community.”

Staff Writer Sherri Kolade, who manages Price, said that he is an exceptional team player, story idea originator who is going places in life.

“Price is a great asset to our weekly paper, and it’s a joy to work with him and learn the issues he’s passionate about,” Kolade said. “He is going to not only reach his goals in the future, but surpass them time and time again.”

Even as Price strives to uplift other African Americans, His mentor, Carolyn Edwards (who is lovingly referred to as “Coach” by many), notes that Price is a role model for everyone not just the Black community. She described Price as a reserved, independent person with integrity and knowledge.

“Mentoring is the giving and receiving of wisdom,” she says, “And we both have learned a lot from each other.”

With Coach Edwards’s help, Price was able to gain more confidence in his talents and leadership abilities and learn how to maintain a balance between his commitments. Coach Edwards mentioned that when she first started mentoring Price, she immediately noticed his leadership skills, and notes that even now he has surpassed her expectations by already leading four organizations at Northwestern University.

“He’s going to be an executive within the next 10 years,” she exclaimed. “He’s like the Energizer Bunny — he never stops!”

When he isn’t writing articles, Price spends his free time watching movies, hanging out with friends and family, or working on his podcast, “Unsung Heros”, which celebrates the people behind great athletes and coaches, who helped them reach success.

Whether he’s podcasting, volunteering, leading clubs, or spending time with his family, Price always makes sure to support and uplift others. He told the Chronicle he is striving to be a successful Black man.

Judging by his dedication to leadership and his work for the Michigan Chronicle, Price is already on the path to greatness.


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