Primary Elections Voters Must Return Absentee Ballots in Person, or Via Drop Box

By Lawrence Price III

With Aug. 3 elections quickly approaching, Michigan voters in the 54 counties should return absentee ballots in person or via drop box.

“Michigan citizens have a number of options to vote,” said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson in a press release. “Whether it’s voting absentee by mail or at their local clerk, drop box, or in person on Election Day, voters can be confident no matter how they choose to exercise their rights, the process will be safe and secure and their vote will be counted and their voices heard.”

To be issued a ballot, voters are advised to visit their local election clerk’s office, where they not only can fill one out, but return one as well. Those that have received and filled out their ballot must sign the back of the envelope and return it in person or via drop box. To locate a local office and area drop boxes, in addition to voter information for applicable elections, visit

As a college student interested in politics, Michigan State University sophomore Devin Woodruff sees ongoing issues that he feels need to be resolved. Working to create the change himself, the Southfield native included healthcare and education to name a few.

“With COVID, we have been able to see the disparities that exist in our healthcare system,” the eighteen-year-old said. “Your zip code that you are in can really depend on the school that you go to, and that is why many parents move to different districts.”

A budding love since middle school, Woodruff’s passion strengthened even more after securing an internship at the city of Southfield office during his senior year of high school was instrumental. Alongside his interest for various issues growing, one of them was voting rights.

“Voting is an essential aspect of our democracy and if you are restricting access or restricting ballot boxes, drop off boxes, restricting the time that people can vote, what essentially is happening is that they are targeting black and brown voters,” Woodruff said. “Someone should be able to come after work and be able to cast their ballot.”

Through Aug. 2, registered voters can vote early with an absentee ballot at the nearest clerk office or polling place on Election Day, Aug. 3.

For more information surrounding the location of local clerk offices, area drop boxes and sample ballots, voters can visit




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