Detroit Credit Guru Unveils First Black-Owned Credit Management Planner  

Tierra Jae, Detroit native and founder of New Beginnings Community Consulting & Restoration, launched The Credit Calendar.  

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Detroit resident Tierra Jae is making money management a whole lot easier – and making history along the way.  

Jae created the first Black-owned credit management planner, The Credit Calendar. Jae, the founder of New Beginnings Community Consulting & Restoration (NBCCR), launched The Credit Calendar which is now available for purchase.  

Quite a few Americans – 191 million Americans to be exact – have credit card debt, with typical households averaging about $5,300. According to the website, the total U.S. consumer debt is $14.9 trillion.  

Jae’s tool helps users focus on improving and maintaining their credit status and achieving any future goals.   

The planner helps individuals keep track of various credit lines and also helps execute necessary steps to stay on track and remember critical dates needed to improve credit. As an experienced credit repair specialist and tax expert, Jae set a goal to help her current clients and others independently restore and manage their credit scores.  

“My clients are my biggest motivation,” she told The Michigan Chronicle in an emailed statement. “I found that most of them were having trouble remembering important dates and tips that I teach them while enrolled in my credit repair program.”  

She added that once in speaking to a client, she was inspired to come up with the idea of a planner that would help keep her clients organized.  

Jae was passionate about helping others establish a new beginning after having to restore her own credit twice. Also, as a non-violent offender, Jae has found it to be her life’s work to help fellow previous offenders restore and reestablish their creditworthiness and receive criminal expungements.   

Jae added that her planner has impacted her finances and her life and lifestyle for the better.  

“I’m able to live overall. I’m not completely out of debt because I still have student loans, but the ability to leverage my credit and use it as a tool to fund my lifestyle, take care of my daughter and help grow my business makes life much easier,” she said.  


The Credit Calendar is geared to help people reduce their credit card debt with planning and money management.   Photo provided by Q11 Photography     


Jae also said that she tested the product’s effectiveness on herself months before she made it available to the public.   

“I have multiple credit cards and lots of bills, so I use it to help me stay on track and avoid negative impacts on my credit scores by missing payments. People should use this planner every month, every year, especially if their goal is to improve their credit. The calendar won’t do the work for you but it will help you stay on track while you do the work,” she said.  

The planner helps the user identify what’s on their reports from credit bureaus. A discounted membership for credit monitoring services is also inside of every planner, along with offers from lending partners and affiliates.  

Since launching NBCCR, Jae has serviced over 300 clients nationwide.  

One of Jae’s clients, Candace Parker, shared her experience with the calendar with The Michigan Chronicle.   

“My credit repair calendar from Tierra has been a blessing,” she said. “I found myself in the past not keeping up with my credit score, simply because I didn’t understand it. Since I’ve met Tierra, she’s been doing her part with helping me get my credit together.”  

Parker added that clients have to do their part as well when it comes to finances.  

“I love the fact I can start with any month I desire and the note to self section helps me keep an organized schedule for myself,” she added. “I’m a new business owner and I’m pretty much doing everything myself, so I have to write down crucial dates and times for events or orders I have to fulfill.”  

Jae said that as a Black woman from Detroit, a first-of-its-kind planner is a vital tool that could help Black people, among others, get their credit together.  

“There’s an undeniable credit gap between Black and white Americans that hold our community back from building wealth,” she said. “This is the main reason why Black people should utilize the Credit Calendar. The credit scoring system is known for putting our population at a disadvantage.”   

She added that there’s “so much history” on lending institutions and their discriminatory behavior towards the Black community which has resulted in a lag in homeownership and building economic status.   

“That’s what motivates me constantly to work at improving my finances and I hope the Credit Calendar encourages others to do the same. I know it’s cliche, but knowledge truly is power and if my generation can learn how to use credit to our advantage then we can pass it down to future generations and eventually close that gap,” she said.  

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