Milk & Froth Opens in Downtown Detroit   

The Milk & Froth storefront, left, is a new addition to the city. Alexis Matteson, right, offers scoop of ice cream.



I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream, and with the summer heating up, a cool treat is just the thing to bring sweet relief. Now, one ice cream truck is bringing its menu to a storefront location. Ready to serve Detroiters, Milk & Froth is one of the newest businesses in the city and offers options to please every lover of these delectable iced treats.  


Starting as a local ice cream truck in 2019, the co-owners of Milk & Froth, Alexis Matteson and Deion Cao, have been working to build their knowledge of ice cream and establish a fan base. The business duo conceived the idea after living in downtown Detroit and not having any close, viable ice cream shops.  


Not taking on the appearance of a traditional ice cream truck, this ice cream food truck offered classic and original ice cream flavors. Popping up in various locations across the city, the specialty truck makes everything from scratch and will continue to provide customers with the items they are known for.  


“We are really excited to be opening our first scoop shop downtown,” says Alexis Matteson. “The number one question our customers have been asking is how they can get our ice cream year-round, so we are very happy to finally meet that need with our new storefront.” 


Setting up on a journey to create the best ice cream in the state, the duo traveled to several cities across the country to taste the best of the best. Even enrolling in the same ice cream creation courses as Ben and Jerry’s at Pennsylvania State University, the business partners have been dedicated to ice cream. Bringing the ideas home to Michigan, the two continued to develop their flavors to create their iconic taste. Taking advantage of Michigan’s rich agricultural dynamic, seasonal flavors will be offered.  


“Michigan has such a huge diversity of agriculture and we take advantage of that. We’re working on a sweet corn flavor for corn season here in Michigan. Whenever there is new produce, we’ll take advantage of that whenever it’s in season,” says Cao.  


Milk & Froth will be serving up both vegan and classic ice cream options daily moving from the truck into its first brick-and-mortar. Also priding themselves on using fresh ingredients, all ice cream options are free from pre-manufactured mixes, artificial flavors and colors and chemical stabilizers. Working together with Bedrock, downtown Detroit’s largest real estate company, Milk & Froth will be located in the historic Buhl Building. 


“Small businesses are at the core of what makes Detroit’s retail and dining scene so special,” says Ivy Greaner, Bedrock’s Chief Operating Officer. “We are so excited to witness these two young entrepreneurs expand and provide our Detroiters and visitors their unique Detroit ice cream experience.” 


Remaining true to their original style of business, the duo does not plan to do away with the truck. In addition to the scoop shop, the iconic Milk & Froth truck will also be in downtown Detroit to provide customers a double scoop of service.  


“The truck is still going to operate the same way it has in the past. It’s getting a late start because we’ve been so focused on getting the shop open, but it’s going to operate in Campus Martius and Capital Park throughout the rest of the summer, most likely on a daily basis,” says Matteson.  


The Eastern Market also has a hand in the success of Milk & Froth. As each item is made from scratch, a new kitchen is located within Eastern Market to help continue handcrafting their menu.  


“When we started this, we had the very audacious goal of creating the best ice cream in the country here in Detroit and so we just opened our new kitchen in Eastern Market. That will allow us to expand into other stores. We’re always looking to increase our reach here in the city,” says Cao.  


Milk & Froth will serve over a dozen rotating ice cream flavors including Butterscotch Brownie, Butter Pecan, Salted Caramel, Roasted Strawberry, Milk Chocolate, Coffee & Cream and many others. The shop is now open at 535 Griswold Street and will service customers seven days a week. 



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