Biden Speaks on Sha’Carri Richardson’s Olympic Disqualification in Michigan

Track star Sha’Carri Richardson’s is still Black Girl Magic personified, even after being disqualified to represent Team USA in Tokyo this summer.

In April, Richardson gained fame for clocking a speed of 10.72 seconds at the Miramar Invitation. She became known as the sixth-fastest woman in history with the fastest time ever in Miramar, Florida, per the article.

Here rise to fame, however, is not one without controversy. She tested positive for THC (a chemical found in marijuana) during a drug test with a subsequent suspension that will keep her out of the Olympics, which is leaving some up in arms and others not so much.

During an event in north Michigan (King Orchards, 45 minutes north of Traverse City) this past weekend, President Joe Biden said in a CNN article that he was “really proud of the way” Richardson responded following the positive drug test and suspension. “

“Everybody knows the rules going in,” he said during the event. “The rules are the rules,” he said Saturday at an event in Michigan. “Whether they should remain the rules is a different issue, but the rules are the rules.”

“The rules are clear, but this is heartbreaking on many levels; hopefully, her acceptance of responsibility and apology will be an important example to us all that we can successfully overcome our regrettable decisions, despite the costly consequences of this one to her,” said USADA CEO Travis T. Tygart in a press release Friday.
According to the CNN article it’s still up in the air if Richardson will miss the Games completely. She may still be eligible to compete in another event besides the 100m, such as the 4x100m relay. CNN has reached out to Team USA for clarity.
“I will also note that Sha’Carri Richardson is an inspiring young woman, who went, has gone through a lot personally, and I think, she also happens to be one of the fastest women in the world, and that’s an important part of the story as well,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday. “So, this is an independent decision by the US Anti-Doping Agency, but I also felt it was important to note who she is and her history.”
Richardson was on NBC’s TODAY Show on Friday morning and commented: “I just want to take responsibility for my actions, I know what I did, I know what I’m supposed to do, I’m allowed not to do and I still made that decision. I’m not making an excuse or looking for any empathy in my case.”
Richardson also said in the article that learning from a reporter that her biological mother had passed away a part of the reason she consumed marijuana, according to the article.
“I was just thinking it would be a normal interview and then on the interview to hear that information come from a complete stranger, it was definitely triggering, it was nerve shocking because it’s like who are you to tell me that?” Richardson said in the article. “From there just blinded by emotions, blinded by bad news, blinded by just hiding hurt, honestly for the fact that I can’t hide myself, so at least in some type of way, I was trying to hide my pain.”
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the USADA state that cannabis is a banned substance because it “poses a health risk to athletes, has the potential to enhance performance and violates the spirit of sport,” according to the article.
Richardson says she is talented all on her own.
“Everything I do comes from me naturally. No steroid(s). No anything. This incident was about marijuana. After my sanctions are up, I’ll be back and able to compete and every single time I step on the track I’ll be ready to compete for whatever anti-doping agency to come and get what it is that they need,” Richardson said in the article.
The Black community continues to stand up for Richardson. Black Enterprise reported that over 300,000 people have signed a petition supporting her. Others have shown her love and defended her and she has thanked the Black community for their support on social media.
“The support (of) my community I thank y’all, the negative forget y’all and enjoy the games because we all know it won’t be the same,” she said in a tweet.

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