Warren Police Officer Fired Over ‘Ignant’ Facebook Comments

By Nayanna Hollins


This past Tuesday, Veteran Officer Anwar Khan was fired from the Warren Police Department for reported racist remarks he made on social media.

It all started in the comment section of a Facebook post in mid-June. The post showed a video of a Black woman being removed from a flight and escorted out of the Detroit Airport on a stretcher while yelling at the people surrounding her. Amongst the discourse in the comments was Tamia Brooks, who was arguing with another user who said the woman in the video was, “Acting like an animal.”

Anwar allegedly interrupted their conversation, and Brooks responded to him multiple times, challenging his remarks, calling him ignorant, and telling him, “Can’t wait to find out where you work.”

Somewhere within the debate, Khan responded to Brooks saying: “[Tamia Brooks]- I’m ignorant?? Lol.. do you even understand the meaning of the word “ignorant”?? Or in your language, ignant, Lol.. I can break down everything about you and yours (people) and it would all be facts and trust me, you wouldn’t be calling me ignant at all. I speak only facts! … Black on black crime is beyond repair, black babies having babies – no men – man enough to stay with one lady and raise his kids. … Glad I wasn’t born bl&@k. I would kill myself!”

This post quickly proved to be Khan’s undoing.

This was not the first time Anwar Khan’s job was put in jeopardy. He was placed on leave in 2020 after he was arrested and accused of assaulting two people while he was off-duty. According to his ex-wife, Melissa Khan, Anwar assaulted Melissa’s male friend, who was sleeping under a tree. After hitting the alleged victim in the face repeatedly, and threatening him with a firearm, Anwar Khan returned home. Melissa told reporters Anwar woke her up and repeatedly told her,“ I f****d up your n***** boyfriend” before threatening her and their 16-year-old daughter. Their daughter called the authorities. Khan was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. He also faced two misdemeanor charges for domestic violence. However, he was acquitted and resumed his position in the Warren Police Department.

After the Department received word of Officer Khan’s Facebook remarks, he was promptly put on leave for about a week. Later on, he was interviewed about his behavior and after a hearing, he was fired on June 22; less than two weeks after Tamia’s post.

The Warren Police Department explained that they were able to remove Khan quickly because they had prioritized his case. In a statement to the public, they said: “This appropriate action demonstrates how seriously the City of Warren Police Department views statements or acts of racism by any of its members. They will not be tolerated.”

The Warren Police Department also added: “This behavior is simply wrong and strains police-community relationships and tarnishes the men and women of the Warren Police Department who dutifully go to work every day and serve all citizens with pride and professionalism, regardless of race.”





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