Holistic Spa Lands in Hamtramck 

Owner Tiara Boyd strikes a power pose. 


A new Black-owned luxury holistic beauty spa just opened its doors in Hamtramck and promises a unique and personalized experience.  


The Esthi Queen Healing Spa uses a natural approach to service its clientele. Developing her own line of products, owner and licensed esthetician Tiara Boyd offers facials, mani and pedi treatments and waxing. The location also offers vajacial, a facial meant for delicate spaces and yoni steams, a popular new spa method which uses steam to cleanse private feminine parts.  


“We are a holistic, herbalist and vegan spa. Everything we use we either make, mix or infuse herbs to it,” says Boyd.  


Developing an ace condition while working at a manufacturing facility, she sought the help of multiple specialists and no one was able to clear her skin. Frustrated, it was then the owner decided to take matters into her own hands.  


“I had a major outbreak from the factory I was working in. Dermatologists really weren’t doing anything for me so I went to school to figure it out myself,” says Boyd.  


Launching the Esthi Queen brand while in esthetician school in 2018, the entrepreneur did not intentionally set out to open a brick-and-mortar location. The brand gained some traction and the businesswoman maintained grew her clientele base.  


“I realized people really liked me and loved what I did for their skin so I said I was going to keep doing this,” says Boyd.  


Then, came the hard work. Through a series of trial and error, the owner was able to find a working formula for the brand. Prior to the launch of the storefront, COVID hit in March 2020 and caused cosmetology businesses across the state to close doors. Finally seeing the fruits of her labor after building the brand, the licensed esthetician had to figure out a way to pivot during the pandemic.  


“During quarantine I had to find ways to become better than I was. I became more creative. When things opened back up, I was completely booked,” says Boyd.  


Navigating the woes of COVID and its effects on the economy, Boyd continued to push towards opening the storefront location. Despite the pandemic, she was able to bring her brand full circle and offer clients a luxurious spa experience. With the slogan ‘the spa where beauty meets luxury,’ the business offers customers the chance to relax and unwind. The spa also offers products for purchase to get the salon feel at home.  


Self-funded, launching the brand and opening a location took time, money and courage. Doubt almost soured the dream, but pushing fear aside, the storefront serves as an everyday reminder that hard work pays off.  


“I didn’t see the potential in my brand. I just knew what I was doing for other people,” Boyd says. “Other people saw the potential in my brand [before] I saw it.” 


As with most entrepreneurs, the stress of the job’s needs, employees and success can be heavy. Believing in the power of healing to relax, smoothing moves and deep breathing are how the owner chooses to find peace.  


“Yoga and meditation are my main go-tos. Other than that, my manager really helps me get through the stress as well.“ 


The success of the business is near and dear to Boyd. After suffering a personal loss, the Esthi Queen took a bad situation and was determined to find the good. Originally operating under the name Esthi Queen Beauty Spa, discovering her spirituality, shifted into the healing realm.  


“December 2020, I lost my baby right before Christmas. That’s when I rebranded the company. That’s when I became more into my spirituality period. I tapped more into that and I noticed the more I tapped in, the more I was helping people,” says Boyd. “While I was going through my healing, I was helping other people go through their healing as well.” 


The Esthi Queen Healing Spa is now open for business. The spa also offers four membership packages including a variety of cost options and services.   

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