The Black Girl’s Guide to Gorgeous, Glowing Skin  

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Summer’s here, let’s get your glow-up ready this warm season. Kat Leverette, a licensed esthetician, ethnic skincare expert and owner of Clinically Clear Skin Rehab Center, has some advice on getting a gorgeous even-toned and glowing complexion.   

Wash Your Face Before Bedtime  

Don’t go to bed without washing your face – yes, we’re looking at you heavy makeup wearers. It is an important part of one’s bedtime routine. Opening up pores from the day’s oil and dirt is vital for keeping healthy, vibrant skin.  

Use a Low-Lathering, Sulfate-Free Facial Cleanser  

A cleanser takes away makeup and excess oil without killing the skin. If your skin is tight and dry after washing, then you are using something too strong, according to Choose a creamy face wash.  

Take It Easy on the Face 

“Cleanse with your fingertips and rinse by splashing water on your face. Pat dry. Don’t roughly rub your skin dry with a towel. The pressure of a washcloth or towel and friction from sonic brushing may feel good and appeal to your desire to be squeaky clean, but can cause darker, uneven skin tone and aggravate acne. Instead, dry skin with small, gentle pats or let it air dry,” Leverette said.  

Exfoliate Your Skin  

“Over-scrubbing is like giving yourself a rope burn — causing irritation and a darker, uneven skin tone. Avoid using washcloths, spa gloves, buffing pads, sonic scrubbers or coarse scrubs. Choose a fine-grain scrub made with jojoba beads or other environment-friendly beads instead,” says Leverette on the website. “And don’t rub hard — use light pressure in a gentle circular motion.”  

Opt for an Alcohol-Free Toner Mist  

Lightly spritz your face with a refreshing facial spray to refresh and hydrate the skin and set the makeup for the day. On very hot days, mist throughout the day to rehydrate skin.  

Hydrate From Inside  

No matter how often a face is externally pampered if the body is parched and dehydrated the path toward refreshed skin is going to be an uphill battle. Drinking half of one’s body weight in ounces is key and drinking herbal tea for a “healthy flush” is also mentioned on the website.  


Slow Down on the Oil  

“Resist the urge to slather your skin and scalp with heavy oils. If you’re acne-prone, you’ll pay the price with clogged pores, blackheads and pimples,” says Leverette. “Opt for fragrance-free sunflower oil for the same effect and clearer skin.”  

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize  

Leverette says to use lotions and moisturizers that contain ceramides.   

“Ceramides are a major component of our skin’s surface that protects against moisture loss to keep your skin youthful, supple, moist and glowing.”  

Remove the Unevenness  

Dark spots and patchy skin can mess up a gorgeous complexion. Look up products that have skin-brightening ingredients to clear up the skin, like licorice, mulberry, bearberry and kojic acid. These ingredients can remove, eventually, hyperpigmentation 

Work Out  

Exercising gives people extra beauty benefits with working out 30 minutes a day to keep the heart pumping, which increases circulation and brings oxygen into the bloodstream for that extra youthful, energetic look.  

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