Dope Dads Do Fatherhood Right 

Shout out to all the fathers lovingly raising their children and showing them what it means to be protected and cherished by a good dad. 

Father’s Day, Sunday, June 20, is a special time. A moment that I warmly reflect on with nostalgia and promise. I think about my father, Alfonso Keaton (love ya, dad), who raised me and my older sister in Detroit with my mother. Years later our family of four moved to Southfield where I spent the better part of my life making what would become memories in our home with my family.   

Throughout my life I can recall how my father was (and still is) my hero, fearlessly helping me navigate this world. Thanks, Mom, for your major influence, too. 

I also see and love the promise in the next generation – and appreciate the other Black men in Detroit and beyond. The entrepreneurs, stay-at-home dads, creatives and leaders – you’re making your mark in the world, most importantly by inspiring the ones who look up to you. Thank you dope dads, for helping your children flourish. 


George McCollum
Neurorestorative of Ann Arbor-Program Coordinator/The Yunion, Counseling Intern

Best Dad Advice: My best dad advice especially for the fellow “Girl dads” is to never tell them about a type of man to eventually fall in love with or marry that you cannot be yourself. Pastor Ted Shuttlesworth Jr. mentioned in a sermon that “purpose has perimeters” and I believe this not only reinforces the perimeters around fatherhood, but it also provides a clear representation from the first man that can introduce her to a love that wants nothing in return.

Proudest Dad Moment: I think with not having my dad around as much as I would have liked before he passed away has certainly engendered a favor for “moments” with my daughter no matter how small. To date I would say actually being there when she took her first steps, especially when I was in a transitional space in my life was certainly game changing. I guess figuratively we took some first steps together!

Pick Your Dad Type: Jay-Z. 


Joseph Howse 

Public Relations Officer 

Best Dad Advice: 

Always be present and in the moment for your child.  Try your best to make those special moments last forever. Know when to talk and know when to listen. 

Proudest Dad Moment: 

Watching my little girl grow up to become a strong, beautiful and self-confident woman. 

I was especially proud of Elana going to Brazil for a month when she was 11 years old to take part in a program with children from all over the world.  During that trip she learned to appreciate cultural differences and how to communicate, cooperate and live together with people from different backgrounds.  Watching my little 14-year-old daughter grow up to become a strong, beautiful and self-confident woman makes me very proud. 

Pick your Dad Type: 

Dre Johnson.  There is a lot of fun and laughter in our house. 


Quenton Johnson 

Coyote Logistics, Carrier Sales Manager 

Best Dad Advice: The best way to teach your kids is to lead by example.  

Proudest Dad Moment: My oldest son who’s on the spectrum being able to talk.  

Pick Your Dad Type: Dre Johnson from Blackish. 



David Rudolph  

Senior Managing Partner, D. Ericson & Associates Public Relations 

Best Dad Advice: Fatherhood is a life-long commitment. Cherish every moment with your kid(s) because time is so precious, and they are truly God’s gift. Love your children hard and remember our biggest role as a dad is to pass along the positive and supportive wisdom and knowledge that was given to us. Our kids are adults in training so every moment should be spent guiding, loving and laughing along the way. 

Proudest Dad Moment: When my daughter (Rielly, age 14) received the Spirit of Detroit Award for her service project “Rielly’s No Carve Pumpkin Creations.” Rielly is the youngest person to receive the award for her thoughtfulness to give painted pumpkins to children who cannot celebrate Halloween at Children’s Hospital 

Pick Your Dad Type: President Obama. 



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