Creative Agency Verse and Hook Selected as Inaugural Fellow for Black-Owned Music Business Accelerator

Verse & Hook Co-Founders Justin Norman and Miso Brown.

Lifestyle image, photo by: Justin Milhouse

It’s been a good month for Justin Norman and Miso Brown.

The two Detroit natives, Black men, were highlighted in the entertainment space and are doing their thing and being rightfully noticed for it during none other than Black Music Month in June.

According to a press release, Detroit-based music house and creative agency Verse and Hook was selected as an inaugural fellow by The American Association of Independent Music as part of their first-ever Black Independent Music Accelerator (BIMA) program.

The fellowship grant initiative is aimed to benefit Black voices in the indie music community and the duo were handpicked for their transformational work within the music industry and through the initiative will introduce projects and programming to designed to meet the creative needs of its target audience, the release added.

Verse and Hook Founders, Norm and Brown, have stood as “silent weapons” behind the creative, music and cultural forces in many notable brands. They create a unique experience through music and advertising, and are why you’ve experienced the brands of Pepsi, Jeep, Youtube Music, Paypal, and Bacardi the way you have.

The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit trade organization representing a diverse group of over 600 independently-owned American record labels. A2IM supports a key segment of the United States’ creative class and small business community.

The BIMA fellowship program is a grant initiative designed to highlight and assist Black voices within indie music. Verse and Hook, along with the other 2021 selected fellows will gain membership to A2IM.

As part of the program, 2021 BIMA fellows will be provided with membership to A2IM – a nonprofit trade organization that represents nearly 700 independent music labels – and have their annual dues subsidized.


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