Whitmer Wants to Give Michiganders $300 if They Go Back to Work

The plan is to offer a bonus of $300 per week to certain employees returning to their previous jobs through the week of Sept. 4, Whitmer said during a news conference in the article.

She did not mention exactly when the program would start, or the number of people who could be eligible or other specifics like eligibility dates for those going to work.

The payments are now available only to employers participating in the state workshare program who bring back employees back previously employed, Whitmer spokesman Bobby Leddy said in the article.

“We’re going to use the federal $300 per week in unemployment benefits to our advantage, so we can incentivize people to get back to work, maximize a family’s income and help employers fully build up their businesses and staff,”  Whitmer said in the article, adding that she is encouraging people to get back t owork.

“We’re using this kind of as a bridge to getting back into full employment, continue to draw down this (money) on top of your paycheck. And that’s a great way for working people to get back in without paying a price or having to make an unconscionable decision — do I stay out and make a little more or do I jump back in and get the benefit of both?”

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