Jam Master Jay’s Daughter Makes Dough as Entrepreneur, Opens Pizza Shop

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Tyra Myricks, daughter of the one and only DJ Jam Master Jay, is moonlighting on her own terms.

Black Enterprise reported that the 28-year-old entrepreneurial hustler is using her gifts and talents to rake in seven figures a year. She’s currently managing her full-time job and five business ventures, according to the magazine.

Myricks keeps busy and topped her goal recently by opening a New York City-style pizza shop in Los Angeles recently, according to the magazine. She connected with Tyanna Wallace, daughter of the late Biggie Smalls, to bring her plan to fruition.

“It’s not an easy game,” Myricks told Business Insider as she describes the life of an entrepreneur. “Everybody on the internet shows the glorious side, but nobody shows the treacherous side where it’s hard to get up in the morning.”



Myricks keeps up with her schedule by being structured, especially as the director of design, merchandising, and development for OVO, according to the magazine. This multi-million dollar lifestyle brand was co-founded by Drake about 10 years ago, the article added.

The other jobs that Myricks generates come from her own entrepreneurial interestes. Myricks developed a fashion line called Wealth. She’s also the co-owner of a wellness and fitness center.

Recently launching Jucy Pizza, she and Tyanna Wallace created a one-of-a-kind New York-inspired pizza shop that LA didn’t have, according to the article. The menu features famous New York-style dishes as pizza toppings and has delicious eats like jerk chicken pizza, oxtail pizza, beef and broccoli pizza, and the list goes on.

Juicy Pizza, is named after The Notorious B.I.G 1994 track, Juicy. The pizza shop also has an exclusive cannabis lounge in the back.

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