Secretary of State Won’t Return to Pre-COVID Walk in Appointments

Michigan Secretary of State offices have secured a new strategy to manage the backlog of customers that have become increasingly angry at their inability to gain access to much needed services; that includes drivers license renewal, registration and disability placards. 

“For months I have tried constantly to get my handicapped placard renewed and the SOS is always backed up. When I go down in person, I  am turned away and told that I need to have an appointment. Then when you get to the website, there aren’t any available till the years end. My birthday is in October, and at this rate, I won’t be able to get inside then either,” said Redford, MI resident Katrina Trimm.

175,000 appointments are currently available at SOS, but customers will have to go online to book them. SOS will not be going back to the pre-Covid way of managing customers where you could walk in.

“This amounts to more than a 25% increase in the number of people the department will serve in the months ahead. It addresses some of the backlog, and we’re able to do this after discussions with our frontline workers who — concerned about the chatter here in Lansing to revert back to a broken, take-a-number system —suggested that they could work harder and faster to be able to handle more transactions each day efficiently and quickly, Benson said during a news conference. 

An additional 125,000 appointments will be reserved in the SOS system to accommodate those looking for next day appointments.

Appointments are released daily, but over the last few months there has been an insufficient amount available for Michigander’s to receive much needed services. According to Freep, this has led some people to begin selling appointments.

Read the full story from Freep here. 


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