Detroit State Rep. on Receiving End of Racist Voicemail

The local lawmaker said she started receiving these threatening calls last year after being involved in speaking about a witness during Rudy Giuliani’s testimony before the Michigan House Oversight Committee, according to the article.

Similar to past threats, this one was connected to the false accusation that the 2020 election was stolen.

“Enjoy your life while you have it, I guess, maybe write a will real quick,” the voicemail said, the article reported.

Michigan State Police are investigating the voicemail, according to the article, which is graphic and detail racial slurs against Black women, threats of rape, and killing.

The person who left the message, a woman, told Johnson her macabre ideas.

“We’ve got long-range shooters. You might be going to get groceries. Boom, dead,” the voicemail said according to the article.

Johnson represents the 5th Michigan House District, which includes a large portion of southwest Detroit.

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