Boring Mayweather V. Paul Fight Leaves Audience Booing

The audience wasn’t having it.

During what should have been a lively fight on Sunday, June 6 with Floyd Mayweather battling YouTube star Logan Paul the eight-round boxing match was anything but.

Black Enterprise reported that the fight against the very well-known celebrities (both admired for their fiery personalities) left a whole lot to be desired during the match that left fans booing the opponents for being boring.

The fight pitted Mayweather, 44, against Paul, 26, who also weighs more at 189 lbs. The article noted that for the better part of the match, the respected and former professional boxer did not box much.

From “wild blows” by Paul to defensive moves by Mayweather, the seemingly predictable boxing dance that they did grew wearisome for audience members who paid to see more action.

Paul did land some good hits but it was Mayweather who was still in charge, according to the article. Paul got in 28 of his 217 punches, while Mayweather landed on 43 of his 107, The Guardian reported.

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