Before You Say “I Do” Make Sure You Do This for Your Mental Health  

The wedding season is well into full gear and with the high season occurring typically from spring through fall, what better time than now to first shake off the wedding jitters and prioritize your mental health before you find something old and new, borrowed and blue. And most definitely before you say the words, “I do.”  

According to, planning a wedding can be stressful, not to mention during a still lingering pandemic.  

Here are some tips from the Wedding Wire to make your own nuptials go well:  

Pencil in some Rest and Relaxation  

 Before you turn into a bridezilla, make sure you schedule some time to unwind and not do anything, yes, even during wedding planning. This might sound counterproductive, but it works. Breathe in and breathe out (please put down the glue gun and decorations) and just veg.  

From your very busy schedule with wedding planning and invitation sending, taking an hour or two (or the whole weekend) to de-stress will help you to come back a better, more beautiful soon-to-be blushing bride. And as far as filling up that space? Do whatever you want like take a bath, watch a movie, grab some snacks, but no wedding talk. We mean it.  


Don’t Try to Be Perfect  

Yes, you want the white (or off-white, who are we to judge?) dress, the most idyllic location and perfect shoes to match. We get it, but according to the website, perfection is a “slippery slope” that once you go down it can be hard to recover from. Are some things a little off? Maybe your centerpieces are not all the exact size you ordered, let it go. Is your veil maybe a slight shade off? Repeat after me, let it go. Are your seating arrangements slightly off? Let that go, too – unless enemies are sitting together, then you might want to rearrange that, then let everything else go.  


Ask for Help When You See Fit  

You cannot do a successful wedding alone in this day and age. Please consider getting a professional wedding planner or someone within your budget like your OCD friend or family member who could help you with tiny tasks that don’t require a lot of heavy lifting. This is where they can rock it as your mental health might be on the decline – because you’ve already got enough to keep up with. Ask any- or every- one from your partner to best friend may have a good eye or exceptional palate who can decorate, taste, test, and beyond wherever you need them. Thank us later.  


Stay in Your Comfort Zone  

It doesn’t take much to plan a beautiful wedding with the latest choreographed dance moves and all the extra flair and fancy that makes others green with envy. But not so fast. Do you like choreographed dancing? Can you even dance? If not, scratch that off the list. It’s your wedding and no one else’s (well, yeah, the groom’s, but you know what we mean.) Keep it as simple or as flashy as you feel comfortable with. You don’t have to keep up with the Joneses to make this work. The website smartly points out that if you dial it back and don’t get overwhelmed by the noise and extras of your wedding things will go very smoothly. Serve what you love for dinner and do what you want.   

“If you love it, your guests will probably love it, too,” according to Wedding Wire.  

Work on Gratitude  

Congratulate yourself for making it this far and continue in that vein of gratitude regardless if you move mountains or mailed the invites. Every little bit counts and your special day will be cherished forever. Congrats! Now about those lopsided centerpieces….  



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