Although the state is not considering the move, GOP lawmakers decided that they want to be ahead of the ball just in case, according to the report.

“While they might not be mandating something, they’re certainly creating a scenario where mandates are being pushed. I just wanted to ensure that that wasn’t going to happen in this space. Parents should be allowed to make the decision on this,” Sen. Lana Theis, of Brighton, said in the article. The move won Senate approval on a 20-16 party-line vote, according to the article.

Democrats said that the bill was not necessary and even if the COVID-19 vaccine was put on the immunization list for children to go to school, Michigan grants exemptions, according to the story.

“A parent can opt-out of having their children vaccinated for medical reasons, for religious reasons or for philosophical reasons. To prohibit a requirement for something for which there is no precedent of a requirement nor any proposal to create such a requirement is simply unnecessary,” said Sen. Winnie Brinks, of Grand Rapids in the story. “This bill is simply another solution in search of a problem.”

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