Black Mother Files Lawsuit After Police Handcuff Her 11-Year-Old Son

The video of the boy’s traumatic ordeal released by police Monday after a shooting last month at Briarwood Mall, according to the article.

The mother told the news station that she is beyond upset with police who pointed their weapons at her son and put him in handcuffs as part of a shooting investigation, according to the article. The police then said that the actions seen in their body-camera footage (released to WXYZ) was not out of order.

“Put the phone down,” police said reportedly on the video.

Pittsfield Township police offered backup on a more than 100-miles per hour pursuit, which was further from a shooting scene at Briarwood Mall, according to the article. After the driver stopped speeding, one officer shouted to the 11-year-old vehicle passenger in Ypsilanti Township.

“Lay down. Lay down. Put the phone down,” an officer said, according to the article.

After placing the boy in handcuffs, the boy told officers “I’m scared.”

Not too long afterward, he was taken out of handcuffs, offered a cold drink, and his father was taken away for active warrants for a drug offense and traffic violations, according to the article.

A federal lawsuit filed by the boy’s mother will investigate the occurrences that took place that day and she wants answers from the Pittsfield Township and Ann Arbor police.

“He was exposed to something he wasn’t supposed to be exposed to,” said Markia Dixson, the boy’s mother to the news station. “They didn’t even let me know they put my son in handcuffs. He didn’t feel safe to cry until I got there.”

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