Black Cryptocurrency Millionaire Makes Bank

Photo courtesy of Pexels


Terrence J. Leonard invested $2,000 into the cryptocurrency market in 2019, and two years later, the investor is talking about his path to becoming a millionaire, Black Enterprise reported.

When he began to notice profits from his early investment choices, the software engineer then cashed out his 401(k) and reinvested it into cryptocurrency, Newsweek reported.

“There were penalties I paid in order to do that, but I’ve since made back that money many times over,” he said in the article.

During the pandemic, Leonard saw in amazement as his investments started to grow. In April this year, his crypto investments grew to $1 million.

“To go from tens of thousands of dollars invested to $1 million dollars shows me the merit in cryptocurrency,” he said.

The early crypto investor said this type of market is akin to the “Wild Wild West.”

“If I lost everyting I had invested in cryptocurrency tomorrow I would still be able to afford my new home,” he said.

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