To Mask Up or Not? Local Businesses Adapt to Guidelines

Fully vaccinated individuals can remove their masks, per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Yet some misunderstandings are still in abundance in the state, WXYZ reported.

Last week, Michigan, too, dropped the mask mandate for those who are completely vaccinated, according to the article.

As of late, however, businesses are looking at their mask policies like Target, Meijer, Walmart, Starbucks and Costco — they no longer require customers to wear masks.

Yet, stores like Kroger, Home Depot and Ulta Beauty aren’t saying “yes” yet to seeing maskless patrons.

“It’s still scary to me because you really don’t know how effective the vaccination is right now because it’s still new,” a source said in the WXYZ article.

“it was a little surprising, but I did want to trust that they were vaccinated and they weren’t just walking around with no mask,” another said in the article.

There’s also uncertainly at locations like Sports Venue Bar & Grill in Garden City, which “posted on social media it’s unsure how to proceed” according to the article.

MIOSHA released a statement that said, “MIOSHA is in the process of reviewing both the emergency rules and draft permanent rules. The agency has the flexibility it needs to ensure consistency with public health guidelines and will continue to protect Michigan workers as we work toward ending this pandemic.”

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