Proposed Revised Detroit Charter Raises Eyebrows With Duggan, Whitmer

A proposed revised City of Detroit Charter needs some fixing up after Governor Gretchen Whitmer rejected it, and said the nearly 200-page document needs a review by the Attorney General’s (AG) office, WXYZ reported.

That AG review revealed the current city charter draft has “substantial and extensive legal deficiencies,” according to the article.

In Whitmer’s letter to the Charter Commission, she noted that some of the provisions in the revised charter would need the Detroit Financial Review Commission’s input, according to the article. That commission is the governing body that would have grounds to oversee Detroit’s finances if the city faces another financial upheaval, like the previous one that caused the city to go into bankruptcy, according to the article.

The proposed charter revisions caused a stir with charter commission members and the city also. Mayor Mike Duggan has been vocal recently with his disagreement with some of the commission members’ financial revisions to the charter saying that numerous items in their proposal would cost the city $2 billion and bring it back into bankruptcy, according to the article.

There is still time, though, Duggan said to make more revisions before the deadline to place a revised charter on the ballot later on in 2021.

You can read the full letter from the Governor here.

Read the full story here.

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