Curate the Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch Right at Home with PerfectlyCuratedLife and Real Times Media

With Mother’s Day soon approaching, many loving children are scrambling to find the perfect gift to top every other product on the market.

Understanding just how challenging creating an all-day oasis for mom can be, Real Times Media has paired up with PerfectlyCuratedLife, the internationally lifestyle platform created by extraordinaire Heather Joy, to ease some of that stress.

This intimate brunch will be virtually taught in three different intervals starting at 7pm on May 3rd, 7pm on Tuesday May 4th, and 7 pm on Wednesday May 5th featuring PerfectlyCuratedLife exclusive content designed to help make mom’s day special from the comfort of your own home. Join Us on Facebook and IGTV. 

Interested viewers will be given three different design themes fashioned to match mom’s unique taste: The Verdant Voyager (Green), The New Romantic (Pink), and The Bold & Beautiful (Black, White, Fuschia, and Orange). There’s no need to bring anything other than the lady of the hour and your favorite meal prep tools as PerfectlyCuratedLife helps people cook better, host better and style better using a combination of pantry staples, exotic spices and easy cooking methods.

At-home chefs and their guests are sure to enjoy fun, hilarious, and engaging moments with  Real Times Media and PerfectlyCuratedLife as the two platforms whip up a Mother’s Day event that will be as delicious as it is memorable.

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