Wayne County Clerk: Duggan Cleared to Move Forward on Ballot

Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett confirmed on Tuesday that Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan no longer has missing campaign finance documents with her office (like she initially thought), and the “filings are in order” to clear his continued race for the mayoral ballot, Detroit News wrote.

Garrett cited in the story a “miscommunication” in a statement yesterday that she discovered that Duggan’s campaign finance documents were correct by the filing deadline for the August primary. A legal challenge was filed Monday by progressive contender Anthony Adams’ office that stated he was not eligible to run on┬áthe ballot.

The paperwork became a problem on Monday when Adams filed the legal challenge to try to remove Duggan from the August ballot, according to the article. Kwame Kilpatrick’s former deputy mayor said on Monday that Duggan “failed to follow the law.”

“We thank Clerk Garrett and her elections staff for their professionalism and due diligence in getting to the facts of this matter,” Alexis Wiley, Duggan’s campaign manager, said on Tuesday.

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