Former Detroit Judge Lost it All, Then Wins With Walmart

Tiffany Cartwright, founder & CEO of Amarra Products, is an example of a second chance, Black Enterprise reported.

The former assistant attorney general and former administrative law judge for the State of Michigan overcame extreme adversity after being laid off in 2012 without notice due to the state’s budget cuts. The remarkably sudden job loss threw Cartwright into uncertainty — but her entrepreneurial was born journey, according to YouTube’s Word With Ty Brownlow. Cartwright’s entrepreneurial path includes creating  a new niche after surviving an overwhelming stormy season in her life.

In an interview with Black Enterprise, Cartwright discussed how she lost everything, including her home and car. Even finding gainful employment was a struggled.

“I was unable to find another job because, having worked as a judge, none of the other firms wanted to pick me up, and most entry-level positions thought I was overqualified, so they didn’t want to take a risk on me, so I just kept getting rejection after rejection,” Cartwright told the magazine.

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