Unwind After Work!    

The pandemic isn’t the only thing that can leave you feeling tired. Work and the overwhelming day-to-day responsibilities can wear one down during the 40-hour (at least) work week. Take these seven tips to unwind, de-stress, and let the good Lord lead you to relax in time for the 5 p.m. (or whenever you finish) wind down with these tips provided by The Blissful Mind. 


  • Go for a walk (and don’t bring your phone)! 

What should be a walk in the park, can be if done right. Get out and breathe in some fresh air and get a little exercise going which can lift one’s mood dramatically. Leave your phone at home, and let yourself zone out away from Netflix and social media notifications. 


  • Turn off email alerts. 

When off the clock, don’t check your work email. It can be hard to resist but don’t do it (unless there is a work-related emergency) and you can thank us later. 


  • Schedule fun into your weekdays. 

Remember hobbies? Get back into it. Dust off those old records, the forgotten puzzle pieces or pick up a new hobby. Something fun like a mini-adventure with your kids and other loved ones. With the world opening back up there is fun to be had everywhere. 


  • Make dessert. 

What better way to enjoy your evenings than with some delicious homemade brownies? Exactly, there is no better way. Making something with your own two hands is a great way to relieve stress and take your mind off your to-do list, and you get to enjoy your creation afterwards. If you’re feeling healthy and don’t want to bake anything, make something up and just go with it. 


  • Take a (free) online course. 

Take advantage of free and inexpensive online resources out there. From nutrition to fitness, from painting to photography, and everything in between. The options abound without you ever having to leave your house. 


  • Pamper yourself. 

You have to give yourself some love now and again. Most of us reserve Sundays for a nice pampering sesh, but it can be just as important to treat yourself on a weekday. Schedule self-pamper days and stick to it, you deserve it. 


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