Catching COVID Between Vaccines? The Doc is In to Answer.

The pandemic is steadily changing things all around us — leaving many with questions as the vaccination efforts ramp up. Can people still catch COVID-19 in-between doses? What happens if they do?

WDIV reported Dr. Frank McGeorge’s answers from viewers including how to receive the second shot in a timely manner.

“For the Pfizer vaccine it’s ideal to get it 21 days from the first shot. But it’s OK to get it 4 days early or after. The CDC considers it valid up to 6 weeks from your first shot,” McGeorge answered in the article.

He also answered if someone gets COVID-19 in between the first and second shot could the recipient still get their second shot.

“There is no reason to restart your vaccine series even if you become infected between shots. As soon as you recover and are out of quarantine just get the second shot when it is due or as soon as possible afterward,” he said.

On immunity, McGeorge said that “having developed immunity from a natural infection followed by the immunity from the vaccine would be a more potent combination,” which is his “educated guess.”

“There isn’t any proven research behind that opinion,” he said in the article.

He also answered how long does the Johnson and Johnson vaccine protect people.

“We don’t know how long any of the vaccines will protect you. That is the information we won’t know until more time has passed. Recently there has been data showing that the Pfizer vaccine was 91 percent effective after 6 months,” he said in the article.

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