Fox 2 Detroit Anchor Hospitalized for COVID-19

“I’m Fine. I’ll be home soon … but so many were not as lucky. Stay Safe. The journey is tough.”

Those were the words typed by Fox 2 Detroit anchor Maurielle Lue after she was hospitalized recently after being diagnosed with COVID-19, Fox 2 reported.

Lue shared her journey on her Instagram account Friday.

Video courtesy of Instagram

“I think I’ve been here almost a week,” she said in the post, reported by Fox 2.

According to the article, Lue thinks this is her second time contracting the virus and doesn’t know how she was infected.

“It certainly has been one of the hardest things that I have ever, ever gone through,” Lue said in the article.

Lue said she was hallucinating and panicking due to the virus — and said she and doctors don’t know how long she will have COVID-19. COVID-19 wave

In a video posted, Lue thanked followers for their care and support and said her health is improving.

“I’m sounding better,” Lue said. “I’m feeling better,” according to the article

“I should be coming home soon, which is good, but it’s been really, really difficult. It’s painful and it’s scary … “

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