Why State Saw Highest Wrongful Convictions Exonerations in 2020

Last year, 20 individuals who were wrongfully convicted of crimes in Michigan were exonerated, Fox 2 reported.

The only other state that absolved more people for their crimes in 2020 was Illinois, which had 22. Across the nation, 129 people were exonerated, per the article.

Twelve of Michigan’s exonerations were people convicted of:

  • Murder (three were for attempted murder)
  • Two were for child abuse
  • One was for robbery
  • One was for assault
  • One was for selling or possessing drugs.

The National Registry of Exonerations lauds Wayne County’s Conviction Integrity Unit as a huge factor behind Michigan’s number of overturned convictions — the unit assisted with 13 of the exonerations.

Read the full story here.

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