Whitmer Not Imposing New Restrictions as State COVID Cases Top Nation

The State of Michigan is seeing an alarming rise in positive COVID-19 cases, as it has reported over 4,000 daily cases for a week straight, WDIV reported.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, however, said the state is working on lowering the spread of the virus with masks and vaccines — not buckling down on restrictions as before when a similar spike occurred last fall, the article reported.

After coming around the bend seeing a positive decline in cases for December and January, state officials reopened parts of the economy in February like restaurants, entertainment venues, and youth sports, Michigan Chronicle reported on earlier.

But as of late, Michigan COVID-19 numbers have been growing with new cases, hospitalizations and death rates, the article reported.

The last time Michigan saw a COVID-19 spike of that level was in October and November — in November the state paused activities, for the most part, over two months.

During a segment on CNN on Wednesday, Whitmer said that won’t be the state’s strategy this go around.

Rather, Whitmer (who said that COVID-19 variants are adding to the spike) spoke on the focus will remain on mask-wearing and vaccinations — a state press release reveals a lofty goal of vaccinating 100,000 residents daily.

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