Eastern Michigan University Setting the Pace of Innovation

Studying engineering and technology at Eastern Michigan University looks and sounds a bit different these days, thanks to a $40 million building renovation and a new name for its engineering college.


Now called the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology, the college provides world-class experiences in engineering, technology, autonomous vehicles, cyber security, aviation, drone technology, artificial intelligence, gaming, interior design, and other areas of study in high-demand career fields.


Sill Hall, the college’s home on EMU’s campus, features a new $40 million investment to expand the technology campus, modernize classrooms and labs and create collaborative maker spaces.

“This spectacular and highly functional facility underscores the University’s strategic and timely emphasis on aligning our academic resources with high growth job areas in the state of Michigan and beyond,” said EMU President James Smith. “The GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology is focused on an exceptional future. The new Sill Hall will prepare students for fulfilling and highly productive and high paying careers in engineering and a wide variety of other disciplines.”


Sill Hall’s new features include research labs, hands-on engineering and robotics facilities, virtual reality platforms, an advanced cybersecurity center and autonomous vehicle labs where students will benefit from partnerships with companies such as the American Center for Mobility GM,  Shell, Gulfstream, Cessna and Perrone Robotics.

“These are extremely exciting times at the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology,” said Mohamad Qatu, dean of the college. “Our faculty and administration view the new Sill Hall as an outstanding opportunity to recruit students and faculty, to build on existing collaborations with national and international partners, and expand research and funding opportunities, with the ultimate goal of further raising the profile of our graduates and the college.”


For more information about EMU’s GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology, visit www.emich.edu/cet.




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